Maija Lusena

Latvian singer-songwriter

Maija Lusena heart song album "Born in blizzard"

Music: Maija Lusena
Arrangement: Misha Mdinaradze
Lyrics: Ernest Austrums
Voice: Maija Lusena
Sound Engineer: Janis Lusens Jr.

God is just playing to shake off his boredom. And he does that with a transcendental ease.Like when seemingly coincidentally music, poetry, and a voice come and fit together as if inseparably carved into some ancient time code. Poetry in music. Poetry woven into "Born in Blizzard", album of the songs of heart by Maija Lusena.Music renders poetry a new life. It is a success, happiness, and grace, when music, voice, and presence of heart elevate poetry to new heights of catharsis. The heights that words alone would hardly ever reach.It is the maturity path of intonation. The path to acceptance, awareness, and letting go. Silvery light is all that is left when the aching goes away. That intonation transcends the pain that the written word carries. It stands above the mundane.And she does not stand alone. For bidden or unbidden - God is present.

Ernests Austrums

" It happens often in the life that from the side one does not expect anything, suddenly there comes the greatest support and understanding, alongside co -existance and experience with Your work. One can call it as the work of Your heart .

Such was a meeting my meeting with the poet Ernests Austrums , when I received by mail his collection of poems "Crumpled universe lying in blueberries".. While reading Ernest poetry, I had the feeling that as if someone explodes me from inside , how much it echoed with my soul that longed to write something very personal in music for many years, where I could reveal myself as a singer in the sounds beginning to vibrate in me after many years of silence in music.

God was favorable for such a cooperation carrying me down the road towards Ernest` s poetry. Poetry that puts steps of experiences and pain, longing and hope, doubt and fear, harshness and tenderness, clearness of mind and madness, reality and its loss of sensibility, in the ladders towards the Supreme Love –the Supreme personality of Godhead , towards other people , towards nation , and self-realization .where you carry the responsibility for all processes God has planted his rules. I received strong criticism, and even repelling reaction when changing quite well some verses in his poetry without the permission of the poet , which I used for my first composed ballads, , however God does not care, he puts to fulfill His intentions and to realize them to those he had chosen . I can not name it otherwise, because after Ernest has changed his attitude , ensuring me that there could perhaps become an album, my ballads begin to born one after another Poet Ernests Austrums is endowed with the gifts of good musical awareness and the comprehention of emotional intonation grades putting them to help me to move along the path that is called spirituality in music. And putting everything together : Ernest`s poetry, my music, my son's piano and sound engineering , Misha Mdinaradze`s arranging and my voice, I think that my ballads will be able to reach the hearts of the audience, which is the key determinant in the art. 

Maija Lusena

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